It’s Been A While


Don’t you just hate it when people just don’t put the time into their blogs? Guilty. I created this blog for a few reasons; to tie together useful information for myself (and to help others where possible) and to have a central site so I can be found / contacted, but the main reason was to work on my writing skills as I felt these had suffered in recent years of being focusing mainly on code whilst cutting my teeth at my first proper dev job.

However, as is obvious, I simply don’t have the time to update this blog on a regular basis, so going forward I will be maintaining this site and may occasionally come back to share on something I’ve been working on, but generally this blog can be considered dormant if it was not already.

New Profile Site

I have built a quick and dirty profile site now at – a domain I’ve been sitting on for a while – just to keep something up-to-date as my central presence on the web. The code for this simple site is here, with the design having been nicked forked from this guy (thanks that guy).


When I first started this blog I was working for Bunches doing full stack front-end work in eCommerce, where-as now I tend to be working on projects which are much more focused on backend areas of the epic pile of software at I am intending on spending some time back on working on a couple of websites to ensure some of these previously earned skills are not left to become too out-of-date / lost forever…

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