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Useful And Free Windows Applications

Little bit of a filler / linkbait post… listed below in no particular order are a bunch of links to free applications for Windows which I have found useful in the past. System Tools CCleaner – Windows cleanup tool, features … Continue reading

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Cloning And Expanding .vdi Files

After a lot of frustration with attempting to clone / expand a .vdi file for Oracle VM VirtualBox I found a CloneVDI GUI tool on the forums which simply does the job. Hoping this saves others the annoyance of trying the … Continue reading

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PuTTY Windows Registry Values Import / Export

PuTTY the ubiquitous SSH / Telnet client is in fact so lightweight that it does not even have a configuration file, an annoyance when you find yourself setting up connection details to the same servers for the nth time. However a simple … Continue reading

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TortoiseSVN Update and Commit Windows Batch Files

I was getting annoyed with having to use Win shell extensions to update and commit, assuming the standard install path for Tortoise, the following two snippets saved as .bat files, can be added to startup / shutdown or just used … Continue reading

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