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Instantly Search Your Source Code With OpenGrok

OpenGrok indexes your source code to allow for instant search over a large codebase which can be an invaluable timesaver. I finished setting this up on a server at work today, here’s how. Pre-requisites OpenGrok requires Tomcat 6 or 7 … Continue reading

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Recovering Ubuntu

So I’ve been using Ubuntu as my main machine at work for the last couple of months and have already managed to break it twice (once by accidentally removing all sudoers and once from an upgrade destroying my kde install … Continue reading

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Building A Web Server With A Raspberry Pi

It’s was about time I had a Linux machine at home and with the Raspberry Pi I had a perfect opportunity to get a cheap stand alone Linux build. I’m going to go through setting up the Pi as a … Continue reading

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Linux Terminal Reference

I’ve put up another reference gist, this time for general terminal commands and common config file locations in Linux. Will try to remember to update this more with some useful / rarely used and easily forgotten stuffs.

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Running PHP Scripts With Cron

Yesterday I came to a problem which could be solved by a PHP script ran at regular intervals on a web server, and as I have not touched crontab in a while I thought it worth a quick summary. Without … Continue reading

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