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Linux Terminal Reference

I’ve put up another reference gist, this time for general terminal commands and common config file locations in Linux. Will try to remember to update this more with some useful / rarely used and easily forgotten stuffs.

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Git Reference

I have put up a gist of my Git cheat sheet that has been developing since the switch from SVN earlier this year, also testing a Gist embed plugin….

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Running PHP Scripts With Cron

Yesterday I came to a problem which could be solved by a PHP script ran at regular intervals on a web server, and as I have not touched crontab in a while I thought it worth a quick summary. Without … Continue reading

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Using Google Analytics For Keyword Research –

I have written another Google Analytics post on The Online Retailing Blog on the topic of “Using Google Analytics For Keyword Research“.

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PHP Database Based Session Handling

Due to a move to a multi-server environment at work to cope with peak time performance I was asked to implement a replacement to PHP’s standard session handling so that sessions would work in this new environment. In PHP 5.4 … Continue reading

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Cloning And Expanding .vdi Files

After a lot of frustration with attempting to clone / expand a .vdi file for Oracle VM VirtualBox I found a CloneVDI GUI tool on the forums which simply does the job. Hoping this saves others the annoyance of trying the … Continue reading

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Improve Your Search Rankings and Usability with Page Speed Optimisation –

I have written a new post over on The Online Retailing Blog on the topic of “Improve Your Search Rankings and Usability with Page Speed Optimisation“.

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PHP cURL Wrapper

I’ve put up a gist of a simple PHP cURL wrapper which simplifies basic content fetching with cURL. The class throws standard Exceptions in case of no content being returned or incorrect settings being passed as arguments. Setup:

Simple setters for … Continue reading

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Generic Archive Page WordPress Template

Now that I have a few posts up I realised it would probably be a good idea to add an archive links page to my blog.  As the standard Twenty Ten WordPress theme does not have one of these I … Continue reading

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£50 AdWords Vouchers

I was recently invited to Google Engage and as part of the program was given a stack of £50 voucher codes for introducing people to Google Adwords. I still have lots of these to give away, so if you or anyone … Continue reading

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