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Instantly Search Your Source Code With OpenGrok

OpenGrok indexes your source code to allow for instant search over a large codebase which can be an invaluable timesaver. I finished setting this up on a server at work today, here’s how. Pre-requisites OpenGrok requires Tomcat 6 or 7 … Continue reading

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It’s Been A While

Tumbleweed Don’t you just hate it when people just don’t put the time into their blogs? Guilty. I created this blog for a few reasons; to tie together useful information for myself (and to help others where possible) and to … Continue reading

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Gist Page Improvements

I noted my Gists page had gone a bit wonky last week which I assumed (wrongly) to be a caching issue. Turns out GitHub now need a User Agent passed with any request to the API, in their words “Requests … Continue reading

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Recovering Ubuntu

So I’ve been using Ubuntu as my main machine at work for the last couple of months and have already managed to break it twice (once by accidentally removing all sudoers and once from an upgrade destroying my kde install … Continue reading

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Gists Page

I’ve added a new page to the site, a Gists page, listing simple info and links to the stuff I have on GitHub:Gists. I added this as the interface over at GitHub was starting to get to me. All I … Continue reading

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Building A Web Server With A Raspberry Pi

It’s was about time I had a Linux machine at home and with the Raspberry Pi I had a perfect opportunity to get a cheap stand alone Linux build. I’m going to go through setting up the Pi as a … Continue reading

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Git Flow

I’ve not had time to complete a full post with having started my new day job last week as well as having all the usual time killers. In the meantime I quickly wanted to mention a tech that is being … Continue reading

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Oracle Certified MySQL 5 Associate

On Friday I took and passed the Oracle Certified MySQL 5 Associate exam, which covered all the MySQL 5 basics. My preparation only really involved the use of the MySQL 5.0 Certification Study Guide (up to page 300ish) making some … Continue reading

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The Importance of Website Architecture –

I have written another post on The Online Retailing Blog on the topic of “The Importance of Website Architecture“.

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Useful And Free Windows Applications

Little bit of a filler / linkbait post… listed below in no particular order are a bunch of links to free applications for Windows which I have found useful in the past. System Tools CCleaner – Windows cleanup tool, features … Continue reading

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